Your employees are your biggest investment.

Let us help you retain them.

Your employees are your biggest investment.

Let us help you retain them.

We support, develop, and hone your team through strategic business consulting.

At LearningDNA we empower businesses to retain their workforce and become an employer of choice. We do this through strategic business consulting by uncovering, evolving, and sustaining our client’s ability to develop their talent at their core. We believe that by transforming how we develop our talent, we can make a lasting impact on the organizations we support, and the communities we live in.

Strategic Business Consulting for Employee Retention

Here’s How We Can Help


We provide expert guidance to organizations to help them improve performance, solve problems, and achieve their goals.

Learning Solutions

We provide customized solutions that improve the way you develop and engage employees, and track learning metrics, which will ultimately enhance the organization’s overall culture and performance.


We work with executives, managers, and teams to identify areas for improvement, set goals, and develop strategies to achieve success.

Our Methodology at LearningDNA

Our simple and effective methodology for learning at the organizational level consists of the following: Uncover, Evolve, Embed, and Sustain. These core elements of our approach allow us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors at play within a business, and strategically develop a sustainable plan to improve its internal functionality.

Learn more about our company and methodology.

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"It is with great pleasure and humility that I write this testimonial, highlighting my experience with Learning DNA. The words that come to mind are, professionalism, compassionate, and honorable.

I was, and still am very impressed with the level of organization and professionalism when it comes to how this organization operates their business.

As a learning partner, it was refreshing for me to experience their level of commitment when fulfilling a promise. Simply doing what they said they will do within the given timeframe.

I would highly recommend partnering with Learning DNA when seeking learning solutions for your organization. I’m looking forward to our continued relationship and anticipation of what’s next!

- Jay Gordon, Lightburn Solutions LLC

"We hired Learning DNA to organize an offsite, brainstorming event for Ribometrix related to our mission, vision, and core values. Nelson did a fantastic job facilitating the meeting at the Museum of Life and Science. Nelson incorporated the various exhibits the museum provides and developed fun activities related to them. We not only had a great time but were productive in reevaluating our mission, vision, and core values. I highly recommend Learning DNA for brainstorming and team-bonding events."

- Orshi Kocsis, VP of HR at Ribometrix Inc.

"LDNA Global has been a key partner in launching a new product for our organization. Their approach is very flexible, to meet the client where they are. Nelson and his team's professionalism and dedication to our project were appreciated and instrumental. They wore many hats throughout and were glad to help when, where and how needed. In a separate engagement, I engaged Nelson to speak to a group of business leaders around organizational development of people leaders. Nelson is top notch in his field and a pleasure to work with."

- Nicole Lindley, Reach Alliance, Vistage Chair

Let’s talk about how we can help you invest in your team.

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